implayingdead: Your American homie also it was supposed to say "I love you!" Lol ❤️

haha aw hiya, love you too lovely :)

I got much drunker than.expected

Anonymous: im super jealous of you like i see you at concerts and local gigs and shit and youre just so cool and wow

Aw thank you so much sweetheart! Who are you?! I’ll totally say hi next time!

Anonymous: do you ? i've only seen the one on your leg

Yeah i’ve got a gandalf quote on my forearm too :)

Anonymous: fine then looks like we'll need to agree to disagree on the platform before i beat you up haha at leat we can agree on lotr

Lotr is fucking amazing. I have 2 lotr tattoos

Anonymous: na mate ps4 all the way ! can't wait for shadow of mordor to come out

Hell naw. But yeah, that game looks fucking incredible

Anonymous: just kidding you don't suck you actually seem sound as fuck still but ewww x box shame on you

Haha thanks. No way xbox is awesome!

Anonymous: I love you? 😍

Thanks haha. Who are you?!

Anonymous: ewwwww xbox you suck haha

Thanks mate